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Our Mission is changing the way organizations think about their cloud investments, empowering  IT and Finance leaders to drive transformation with precision and agility today and into the future. 

Our Story

Moving Databases and data warehouses to the cloud brought the promise of reducing technology costs by eliminating large capital expenses and giving you the ability to pay for only the resources and power you actually used.

However, for many companies, the economic reality of the cloud is that costs steadily rise over time, without clear gains in performance, flexibility, or user experience.

Reducing costs becomes imperative, but without clear insight into what drives your spending, strategic cost reduction is impossible. 

Our mission is to fully automate the process of cloud cost reduction enabling companies to unleash the full potential of cloud computing in order to enable the adoption of data platforms across your entire organization 

We believe that it all starts with customers’ needs. ​ was founded with a vision to revolutionize the way companies consume cloud data services, using analytics and automation to deliver the most reliable, best performing, and most cost-efficient infrastructure for every workload on every cloud. founders bring long experience as cloud economists and cloud architects and helped hundreds of customers with a comprehensive solution for cost governance of cloud data platforms.

They keen to build products that can show major cost reduction for your  organization 

Experienced Leadership

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