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Dive Into the New Age of Cost-Effective Data Management 

Our Services

Compute Cost Transparency 

Slice and dice your cloud data platform usage and cost data, create custom reports and share it with other team members. Get a comprehensive view from multiple dimensions and layers across clouds, accounts, usage type and more.

Actionable Cost Analysis 

Examining historical and real-time data across all your accounts, enabling analytics to identify, quantify and recommend where you can reduce costs across your cloud data platforms through right-sizing, scheduling, query optimization, and more.

Predictive Cost analysis 

Change is constant, enables simulating future change and how it will impact your data platform performance and cost, using predictive analytics and machine learning to create a cost-driven change plan 

Finance Governance 

Gain a single point of truth to enable constant collaboration between Finance and IT teams, with full visibility into computing cost and automation of cost-saving procedures across organization data cloud platforms  

We Integrate With Your Data Cloud Platforms 

Whichever data cloud you run, Snowflake, Google  BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, or Google Cloud SQL, will show you where and how to improve your cloud efficiency and will help you to understand and reduce your cloud computing costs to get the most out of your cloud investments.   

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