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Reduce your Cloud Data Warehouse cost 

Gain critical insights into what's happening within your cloud data warehouses 

Increase performance, Reduce cost

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No time limits on the free plan

Don't wait for a call from your

"By 2022, 75% of organizations using cloud data management will encounter budget overruns
resulting in their questioning the value of using cloud services

Get the  whole

Discover, identify and map your cost breakdown across departments, users, and tools.

Predictive cost analysis 

Analyse future changes in data and usage volume, and the resulting impact on total cost. 

Actionable recommendations  

Reduce cost and increase performance by implementing intelligent recommendations that are easy to follow. 

Align Finance and IT teams

Ensure IT and Finance teams collaborate, with full visibility into database costs. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Minimum  Cost.

Data and analytics leaders who use cloud infrastructure and services for analytics, operational database management systems (DBMSs), data lakes, and other data-intensive environments are often surprised at the size and unpredictability of their monthly cloud spending mainly due to workloads that are misaligned with optimal pricing models. gives data-driven insights into your cloud database, data lakes, and data warehouse together with recommendations to maximize compute efficiency that you can implement with just a few clicks. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Compute cost saving


Response time improvement 


More Throughput

Supported Data warehouse


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

See how you can achieve 30%-50% cost reduction for your cloud data platform with real-time continuous optimization.

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